Official Board



  • Minister: Rev. Ian March-MacCuish
  • Chair: Joan Winsor
  • Vice Chair: Gary Gosse
  • Secretary: Jean Fry
  • Treasurer: Glenys Harris

Committee Chairs

Stewardship Chair: Len Sturge
Property Co-Chair: Nelson Bailey
Property Co-Chair: Kirk Howell
Worship Chair: Madeline Rideout
Christian Development Co-Chair: Tony Tuck
Christian Development Co-Chair: Kelly Tuck
Membership & Social Outreach Co-Chair: Dorothy Latrielle
Membership & Social Outreach Co-Chair: Susan Vardy
Ministry & Personnel: Brenda Andrews
Board of Trustees: Nelson Harris
UCW Representative: Gloria Gosse
Men's Club Representative: Harold Sinyard

Official Board of First United

The following is a breakdown of the Official Board of First United Church Mount Pearl.  A more detailed breakdown is provided in the Constitution.  (A copy of the Constitution is available at the church office)

Chairperson: The duty of the chairperson shall be to preside at meetings, to preserve order, to take the vote and to announce the decisions of the Official Board.
Secretary: The duty of the secretary is to keep records of proceedings, to conduct correspondence and to preserve all documents.
Treasurer: The treasurer shall be responsible for keeping proper books of accounts and accounting records with respect to all financial transactions of the congregation.

Committee Structure

Stewardship Committee: The duties of the Stewardship Committee are - to be responsible for the overall stewardship level of the congregation so that its full financial potential can be realized, to set and monitor budgets, bring reports to the board and annual meeting.
Christian Development Committee: The duties of the CD Committee are - responsibility for planning the CD program and to provide leadership for all programs and groups in the congregation.
Property Committee: The duties of the committee are to care for and ensure that an adequate maintenance program is carried out for all church property.
Membership & Social Outreach: The duties of this committee are - to initiate and implement social outreach programs for the church, to initiate programs for inactive members, non-adherents and to encourage new membership.
Worship Committee: The duties of this committee are - to work closely with the minister. They look after all aspects of evangelism in the church, ushers, communion, baptism, choirs and pulpit supply in the minister’s absence.
Ministry & Personnel Committee: The duties of this committee are - to provide a consultative and supportive agency for the staff of the church and for members and adherents of the congregation, review working conditions, remuneration for the staff and report back to the board.


Committees and Members


  • Len Sturge - Chair
  • Carolyn Rice
  • Gloria Gosse


  • Madeline Rideout - Chair
  • Melvina Moores
  • Kyle March-MacCuish

Christian Development

  • Kelly Tuck, Co-chair
  • Tony Tuck, Co-chair
  • Cynthia Burt
  • Oliver Stark

Membership, Social Action and Outreach

  • Susan Vardy, Co-chair 
  • Dorothy Latreille, Co-chair 
  • Gloria Gosse
Ministry and Personnel

  • Brenda Andrews, Chair
  • Eric Eveleigh
  • Ada Eveleigh
  • Janice Andrews-Ralph
  • Carl Burt


  • Nelson Bailey, Co-chair
  • Kirk Howell, Co-chair
  • Mark Rice

Board of Trustees

  • Nelson Harris,  Chair

Members at Large

  • Raylene Newman
  • Susan Melendy-Stark

UCW Representative, Gloria Gosse
Men's Club Representative, Harold Sinyard


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