First News December 5, 2020

First News December 5, 2020

First News - Our Weekly Online Newsletter

First News December 5, 2020 Rev. Ian advises we're going LIVE 11 am this Sunday; Baptism; the Christmas Lights service at 7 pm; Memorials and Celebrations - learn more ...

Christmas Lights Service

at 7 pm, December 6th

Rev. IanFor IMMEDIATE Release

A message from Rev. Ian


We now have the equipment to live stream worship services. So, beginning this coming Sunday our services will be live.

The services will be on our YouTube channel.  To find them go to your search bar and type in “First United Church Mount Pearl Youtube” or just click the link below. The first choice to come up should be our service.  To make it easier to find you can subscribe to the channel and in the future from the YouTube site, you will find our service listed in your subscription menu.

This will be our first time "going live" so there are bound to be glitches but together we'll figure it out. We are learning as we go on this so please be patient. 

The Board felt the new equipment was necessary as many of the congregation are enjoying the online worship and would appreciate a regular time when the service is available.  The equipment that we are using to live stream cost about $3200.00.  Please consider making an extra donation to help pay that extra cost. 

Rev. Ian March-MacCuish
First United Church

YouTube Channel

baptismOn Sunday morning, December 6th, we will welcome into the Body of Christ, through the Sacrament of Baptism:

Brynn Margaret Peddle, daughter of Katelyn (Katie) and Mitchell Peddle.

Thank you to the United Church Women for donating the Baptism Candle and the Canadian Bible Society for donating the Children’s Bible.

Thank You 2

From the Stewardship Committee

A big thank you to Little Darlings for another $860 to the Building Fund from their sale of used books. “Thank you Chrissy”

Also, a big thank you to the UCW for a total of $3,625 from their Bakeless Bake Sale.

Christmas Lights Service 2020Christmas Light Service

Join us on our YouTube Channel

Sunday, December 6th

at 7 pm

Christmas Light Service

Remembering those we love:

  • Loved Ones by Paul & Marnie Hillyard
  • Harold, our parents, sisters & brothers by Grace Hollett & family
  • Albert Humby by wife Ida
  • Husband, Walter Noseworthy by wife Marion
  • Parents, John & Susie Halliday & brother, Mac by Vera, Kelly & Kim Taylor
  • Stephen Thistle, Gertie Thistle & Sylvia Spurrell Thistle by John & Sharon Thistle
  • Victor & Martha Adams, Creston, NL by Max Adams
  • Loved Ones by Lorne & Doreen Squires
  • Parents Ray & Irene Davis love Raylene & family
  • Parents, John & Malinda Menchenton and Richard and Shirley Rideout; Uncle  Maxwell Woolridge, brother, Kaywood Menchenton by Wayne & Madeline Rideout
  • Grandparents, John & Malinda Menchenton, Richard & Shirley Rideout and great uncle Maxwell Woolridge by Kara & David
  • Brothers, Harold & Lawrence Ivany and Allen Duffett by Doug & Lillian Ivany
  • Loved Ones by Marvin & Mona Oldford & family
  • David Moore by Donald & Shirley Moore
  • Wilfred George by Pearl George
  • Loved Ones from our Elliott and Head families from Harry & Maxine Elliott
  • Melvin & Phyllis Bursey by daughter Glenda Bursey
  • Wynn & Arthur Janes by The Family
  • Ches Mercer, Derek Mercer, John & Carrie Ivany, Doug & Margie Ivany, Clarence Ivany by Joan Mercer
  • Parents, Robert & Gladys Eveleigh, Capt. Wm Gosling & Lena (Rideout) Gosling by Eric & Ada Eveleigh
  • Husband & father Earl Aker by Yvonne, David & Ken
  • Family by Betty Halliday & family
  • Loved Ones by Ted & Marlene Abbott
  • Charles Piercey & Sandra Clarke by Piercey & Clarke family
  • Wife Lucy Penney by Ronald Penney
  • Mother, Effie Hutchings; Parents Nita & Clayton Gibbons by Barbara & Calvin Gibbons
  • Gordon & Mary Branton by Margaret & Elwood White
  • Loved Ones of Peckford & Abbott families and special friend, Madonna Durdle by Ed & Joan Abbott
  • Our parents, Robert & Dorothy Francis and Jack & Viola Bailey by Elizabeth & Nelson Bailey
  • My grandparents, Robert & Dorothy Francis and Jack & Viola Bailey by Scott Bailey
  • Velma Inniss by Reginald Inniss
  • Beautiful sister and aunt, Mary Trask and her husband Wilson by brother Eugene Goodland & family and niece Cheryl White & family
  • Loved Ones by Eugene & Sandra Lewis
  • Parents, Douglas & Emeline Piercey and Marcus & Minnie Hiscock and other Loved Ones by Ralph & Ethel Hiscock
  • The Legge and Cooper Families by B.J. and Lisa Legge
  • Mom & Dad (Gertrude & Stephen Thistle) by Brian & Betty Thistle & family
  • Loved Ones by Dorothy Latreille
  • Grandparents, John & Malinda Menchenton and Richard & Shirley Rideout; great uncle Maxwell Woolridge by Julia RIdeout
  • Our loving parents, Gordon & Mary Branton, Gordon & Anne Bouzane by Michael & Doreen Bouzane
  • Randy Daley by Jennifer, Emily & Ethan Bouzane
  • Grandparents, Arthur & Louise Woolridge and Julius & Marjorie Morgan by Pam Morgan
  • Loved Ones by Edna & Doug Porter
  • Parents, Malinda & John Menchenton and Laura & Jesse Gaulton; brother Kaywood Menchenton; friends Elizabeth & Ed Lane and friend Marion Budgell by Marge & Carl Gaulton
  • Boyd & Cora Penney by Heather, Sandra, Terry & families
  • Carla Martin by Phyllis, Roland & Craig Martin
  • Parents, Florence & George Martin and Margaret & Hubert Stringer by Audrey & Tom Stringer
  • Parents, Harold & Susie Greeley by Glen & Carmel Saunders
  • Loved Ones by Evelyn & Sid Butt
  • A dear father and son, Eli & Reggie Thornhill by Emma, Thelma & family
  • Ronald & Louise Gushue and Clyde & Daisy Oldford by Sandra & Les Oldford
  • Sister, Betty by Adela & Maurice Bennett
  • Gertrude Thistle, Eva Kean & Marvin Kean by The Careen’s
  • Loved Ones by Pearl Hodder & family
  • John & Susie Halliday by Stuart Halliday
  • Sandra Baggs by her loving family
  • Parents, Cecil & Esther Thornhill and Harry & Bertha Welsh by Joan & Keith Welsh
  • Raymond Chaulk by Jessie, Derrick, Jackie, Hayley, Ryan & Emily, Dave, Johann & Joshua, Dwane, Carolyn & Lauren, Dana & Jeff
  • Raymond Chaulk by Derrick, Jackie, Ryan & Emily & Hayley
  • Our parents, William & Melena Melendy and Gerald & Isabella Wight; our sisters & brothers, Louise Kean, Effie Woodland, Marion Wilson, Ruby Winsor, Eli Melendy, Ralph Melendy and Gerald Wight Jr. by Sam & Dorothy Melendy
  • Terry Whelan, Bill & Dorothy Whelan, Ches & Ruby Perry & many loved ones by Jean Whelan & family
  • Loved Ones by Ed & Ella Howell
  • The Blundon & Ryan families by Derrick & Lena Blundon
  • David, James & Gary Boland by Ethel Boland & family
  • Parents, Herbert & Susannah Pippy, mother & step father Gladys & Ron Crummey by Florence & Dave Morrissey
  • Husband, Jim Manuel & mother, Florrie Pennell by Linda Manuel
  • Dad, Jim Manuel & nan, Florrie Pennell by Blair & Scott Manuel
  • Calvin Dale, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dale & granddaughter Renee by Genevieve Dale
  • Parents, Arthur & Mary Badcock,  Stanley  & Alice Brown and other loved ones by Eric & Millie Badcock
  • Parents, Chesley & Julia Harris, Clayton & Nita Gibbons and aunt Flora Harris by Nelson & Glenys
  • Emma Reid, Frances Broderick & Susie Nichol by Glenys Harris
  • Loved Ones by Dixie Benson
  • Our mother, Stella Tiller by her children Rhonda, Wayne & Barry
  • Loved Ones by Bernice Skinner & family
  • Leonard, Millicent & Judy Garland, Harold, Dorothy & Arlie Clarke by Art & Betty Garland
  • Wilfred Giles by wife Edwina & family
  • Virginia Hillier by husband, Wilfred, daughter & son-in-law, Karen & Scott Parsons and grandchildren, Olivia & Ian Parsons
  • Husband Harvey Smith & all departed loved ones by Pearl Smith
  • Parents, Harvey Smith, Roger & Nellie Warren by Sharon & Roger
  • Stephen & Gertrude Thistle, loved dearly and missed so much by Brenda & Ray
  • Parents, William & Vera Moores and Gilbert & Pearl Short by Charlie & Melvina Moores & family
  • William J. & Florence Squires by Calvin & Ethel Squires
  • Our dads Eli Melendy & Hayward Gosse by Gloria & Gary Gosse
  • Special friends Art & Dave by Gloria & Gary Gosse
  • Loved Ones by Carl & Leona Dyke
  • Harvey Smith, Harvey & Pearl Peddle by Scott, Cindy & Jennifer
  • Ben Lake, Helena & Jacob Winsor by Joan & Bruce Winsor
  • Paula Baggs by husband Robin, daughter Samantha & Matthew, daughter Melissa & Ryan and son Ryan
  • Niece, Paula Baggs by Elaine Paul
  • Sister, Paula Baggs by Claudette & Eliza
  • Sister, Paula Baggs by Janice, Glen, Ocean & Kyle
  • Sister, Paula Baggs by Keith, Theresa & Zachary
  • Sister, Paula Baggs by George & Pauline
  • Daughter, Paula Baggs by Mom & Dad
  • Parents, Douglas & Marion Rideout & brother George; parents Edgar & Muriel Hoyles & sister Dorothy by Claude & Viola
  • Brian Sullivan & Joey Gellately by John & Eileen Sullian
  • Loved Ones by Harold & Heather SInyard
  • A dear husband Hector Swain by Edna Swain & family
  • Our parents, Arthur & Louise Woolridge and Julius & Marjorie Morgan by Gordon & Marjorie Morgan
  • Husband, father & grandfather Harry Burt & all departed loved ones of the Walker & Burt families by Alma Burt & family
  • Jean Whiteway, Flossie & Reginald Feltham by Keith & Rose Whiteway & family
  • A loving husband, father, grandfather & great-grand father Frank Adams by Norma & family
  • Husband James Boland, sons, Don & Gary and brother-in-law, John Boland by Annie Boland
  • Husband, father & grandfather Donald King; parents, Fred & Marion Baggs; sisters, Doreen Penney & Eileen Hibbs, forever in our hearts  by Florence King & family
  • Parents, John & Carrie Ivany; sister, Irene Locke; brothers, Clarence & Doug Ivany; parents, Wilfred & Virtue Lush; sister, Ada Mae Gosse by Cyril & Roberta Ivany & family
  • Parents, Robert & Marie White and Joseph & Jane Smith by Reg & Phyllis White
  • Arthur & Joyce Newport and Jim Starkes by Nancy Noseworthy & Carol Starkes
  • Parents, Samuel & Jessie Steele, Avalon & Hilda Hopkins and brother-in-law, Wayne Rodway by Janice & Richard Hopkins
  • John Luther by Elaine Luther
  • Douglas Milley by Laura Milley
  • Loved Ones by Marilyn & John McGuire
  • Family members by Juanita Ivany & family
  • Loved Ones by Jean & Wince Kean
  • Loved Ones by Barbara & Ray Hayward
  • Wonderful parents, Ralph & Helen Emberley and siblings Shirley O’Keefe, Ralph Jr., Randy Emberley & Sandra Baggs by Randy & Pamela Baggs
  • Grandparents William & Irene Reid and Lucy & Jack Squires by Carolyn & Mark Rice
  • Father & grandfather Cecil Guy by Bruce & Lisa Guy
  • Loved Ones by Edna & Sam Parsons
  • Gordon Seabright by wife Madeline
  • Loved Ones by Joan & Ray Bennett
  • Husband Fred, son Paul, Mother & Father Ethel & Harold Sharpe by Florence Anderson
  • Ivy & Eli Kean by Leah Broderick 
  • Thomas Parsons by wife Evelyn 
  • Our amazing parents, John & Eileen Drodge by their daughters Judy & Gloria
  • Husband, Father & Grandfather, William Pittman by wife Judy, children Jacqueline, Kimberley,
  • Denise & John and grandchildren, Jonathon, Jessica, Juliane, Joshua, Amber, Brooklyn & Noah 
  • John Pittman, who was a son, husband, father, brother & uncle and is greatly missed by his mom Judy, wife Kerri, son Noah, sisters Kimberley, Denise & Jacqueline as well as his nephews & nieces, Jonathon, Jessica, Juliane, Joshua, Amber & Brooklyn 
  • Two friends Eileen Drodge & John Pittman by Gina Sawers
  • Husband, Douglas Parsons by wife Elsie 
  • My husband Ed; my mom & dad, Susie & John Halliday: and brother Mac Halliday by Ruby Slade
  • Remembering the congregation of First United Church Mount Pearl, as we join our church with love and celebration at the birth of Christ by Inez & Eric
  • Beloved Parents, Russell Parsons and Clifford & Joan Andrews by Brenda & Paul Andrews
  • Husband, Joe Philpot and Parents, Richard & Shirley Rideout by Doris Philpot
  • Husband Bill; Parents, Ruby & Frank Hatcher and Ethel Mae & Gordon Fry by Jean Fry & Family


In Celebration of:

  • Kate Mary Thistle, 7 years old on November 15th by John & Sharon Thistle
  • Three (3) grandsons, Benjamin, Thomas & Jacob by Fred & Pat White
  • The UCW who do good work by Janice Andrews-Ralph
  • Grandchildren, James & Aleah Butt by Mildred & Leonel Vairinhos
  • In celebration of the Christmas season of lights by Emma Thornhill
  • The special little ones in our lives by Gloria & Gary Gosse
  • Our great-grandson Theo Hoyles by Great-Nan & Pop Hoyles
  • Grandsons, Kyle, Ryan, Nick, Jack & Evan by Harold & Heather Sinyard
  • The Birth of our great-grandson, Isaac Robert Riche by Byron & Ella Button
  • Our loving grandchildren by George & Myrtle Penney
  • Grandchildren, Nathan, Harrison, Violet & Vance by Edwina Robins

The history of tree toppers and tree ornaments

The fairy at the top of the Christmas tree was originally a little figure of the baby Jesus. In late seventeenth century Germany this became a shining angel. In Victorian Britain, little girls would take the angel down after Christmas and dress him in dolls’ clothes. Eventually, the angel turned into a thoroughly female fairy, complete with wand. Cherubs hung on trees represent the angels who heralded the birth of Christ. The star, which forms one of the most important ornaments of the Christmas tree, indicates the guiding star which led shepherds and the magi to the new born Jesus Christ in the stable in Bethlehem.

Laughing FaceThis Week's Chuckle


It was a few days before Christmas and Jeff was ready to go back home for Christmas. The airport had turned a tacky red and green for Christmas and loudspeakers blared annoying renditions of cherished Christmas carols. Being someone who took Christmas very seriously, and being slightly tired, he was not in a particularly good mood. Going to check in his luggage, Jeff saw hanging mistletoe. Not real mistletoe, but very cheap plastic with red paint on some of the rounder parts and green paint on some of the flatter and pointer parts, that could be mistaken for mistletoe only in a way Picasso sort of way!

With a considerable degree of irritation and no where else to vent it, he said to the attendant,

“Even if we were married, I would not want to kiss you under such a ghastly mockery of mistletoe!”

“Sir, look more closely at where the mistletoe is.”

“Ok, I see that it’s above the luggage scale which is the place you’d have to step forward for a kiss.”

“That’s not why it’s there’, the attendant said.

“Ok, I give up. Why is it there?”, Jeff said.

To which the attendant replied, “It’s there so you can kiss your luggage good-bye!”



Other Messages

Hampers from George Street United

George St. United Church, home of the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre, is currently carrying out exterior repairs and upgrades to the facilities super structure. Next year (2021) these stabilization repairs will be completed. As a means to generate the necessary funds for completion of the project, we are offering fresh, locally grown, Christmas vegetable hampers.

Hampers are $20.00 ea. and contain potatoes, carrot, turnip, and cabbage (13 lbs of fresh local vegetables). Early Hamper orders must be in by Tuesday, December 15th to be picked or delivered on Wednesday, December 16th. Other orders must be in by Sunday, December 20th to be picked up or delivered on December 23rd. To order or request more information, please call the church office at (709) 726-8775.

As a reward for your support, one purchaser and one seller will win a full turkey hamper with a fresh local turkey or a Butterball Turkey and all the trimmings including the Old Port Salt beef and local vegetables from Keith's Farm and Roadside Market In CBS.

Thank you!
George Street United Church/
Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre

Bridges to Hope

Food Donations Now Accepted from Local Churches

We're getting back on track despite COVID.  Bridges to Hope is now accepting food donations from local churches. If you would like to donate food, you are welcome to drop the items off at First United and we’ll deliver them to Bridges to Hope for you.

Please place donations in the white food bin in the foyer. Remember the church office is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 1 pm.
Thank you for all your support!

Re-Entry Plan RevisedFirst United Church
COVID-19 Plan

Relaunching Guidelines: In Person Ministry

Executive Summary

REVISED September 8, 2020
First United Church Emergency Response Committee

Click HERE for downloadable document

Looking Forward in Faith

In Newfoundland and Labrador, our churches are permitted to resume operations with MANY restrictions at Alert Level 2, including “no more than 100 people, or 50 per cent capacity, whichever is less”.

Faith-based services pose a risk of COVID-19 transmission through:

  • Gatherings
  • Sharing of ceremonial objects
  • communion
  • singing.

Individuals over 60 and those with chronic conditions are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

Our community of faith is required to make a plan that fits with our needs, taking into consideration the activities undertaken and the demographic of our church community.

First United Church will be moving to re-entry to the Sanctuary for the congregation very slowly. The restrictions that are currently in place require a number of actions for us to take that will detract enormously from the church experience. For example:

  • Capacity restricted to 58 maximum in total based on our space available – who do we say no to?
  • All congregants will have to register by calling the church between 10am and 1pm on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday each week to reserve their place. Do not leave a voicemail to reserve your place.
  • Congregants wishing to use the assisted listening devices must bring their own headsets
  • Coat racks will not be available for use
  • Maintain physical distancing in the vestibule and in the sanctuary (pews will be closed off ensuring physical separation between all family units).
  • No gatherings before church; congregants will be seated by an usher upon arrival and registration
  • No gatherings following service. Congregants will be directed out of the building immediately on the conclusion of the service, by row, by an usher.
  • Ushers will seat congregants starting at the front of the sanctuary and dismiss congregants starting at the rear of the sanctuary
  • Singing will not be permitted
  • No choir
  • No passing of the peace or shaking hands
  • Congregants will be required to wear masks.
  • Bulletins will not be used
  • No hymn books or bibles in the pews
  • No Sunday School
  • Members of the Congregation in vulnerable categories (> 60 years old or with underlying medical conditions) are advised not to attend.
  • Continuously advise any congregants who are symptomatic or have been advised by public health 8-1-1 to report their symptoms, to self-isolate and stay at home (Fever above 38C, a new cough, or worsening cough, headache, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea, loss of sense of taste, loss of smell, and in children, purple markings on the fingers and toes)
  • Church sanctuary, vestibule and washrooms will be completely cleaned after each service
  • Persons who have arrived in the province less than 14 days prior must be self isolating and are not permitted to attend
  • Only church members will be permitted to attend. No visitors will be admitted

The current on-line service is well attended and appreciated and will continue.


  • Funerals will be held at the church under exceptional circumstances only.
  • Weddings will be held at the church with strict adherence to public health directives.
  • Infant baptisms will be held at the church with strict adherence to public health directives.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will need to be completed after every gathering.

Visitation and Pastoral Care:

  • Visitation and Pastoral care will be through phone or other virtual methods.
  • Hospital visits can be arranged with the hospital Chaplin.

Members of the congregation are encouraged to use the secure mail slot to the right of the main entrance to drop off their givings and/or prayer requests or to use online methods for donations or other contacts. Email, phone messages and the mail slot are checked regularly.

September 8, 2020

First United Church Emergency Response Committee

Click HERE for downloadable document