Happy 100th Birthday Florrie

Happy 100th Birthday Florrie

Happy 100th Birthday Florrie

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, Florrie's family had to cancel their plans for her Birthday Party at the church. But we wanted to make sure she knew we are all thinking of her. Cards, messages and flowers are being dropped off at her home today. And, Linda, her daughter will read her the virtual messages on this page.(see below).

If you haven't had a chance to send her a message yet, you still have time. Send Florrie an email using the form on this page and we'll upload it latter today.


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    Linda reported that there was an EARLY start to their morning with a delivery by Christina and Denis Manning - balloons, chair and teddy bear. She told her Mom to look at what was on the front lawn. Florrie couldn't believe that anyone would do all that.

    Florrie Pennell, May 9, 2020

    She totally enjoyed her special day

    Photo credit:  Gloria Gosse
    Balloons by Kaitlyn, Nicholas and Megan Bouzane

    Very 100th Happy Birthday Florrie. Hope you have a great day.
    Love Audrey (Audrey Brown)

    Happy 100th Birthday.hope you have an awesome day!!
    Love Linda Moores

    Happy 100th Birthday Florrie, have a wonderful day with your family. I miss seeing your lovely face at church.
    (Linda Whalen)

    Happy Birthday Florrie. Hope you have a wonderful day.
    (Eric & Marion Hillier)

    Happy, Happy Birthday Florrie.
    May you be blessed with love and happiness.
    May the sun shine on your face and in your heart.
    God Bless you
    Love, Bev 🀟 (Beverley Ares)

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Pennell, I hope you will a wonderful day on Saturday. What a wonderful milestone to reach. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
    (Joyce Brown)

    Have a wonderful day. Hoping we will all be back to church soon. Take care. Happy birthday
    (Pearl George)

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady. What a blessing - 100 years. A dedicated member of our UCW who knit many many strips for our quilt project and contributed in many other ways. We appreciate you Mrs. Pennell and celebrate with you even though we can’t be together. Have a wonderful β€œIsolation Celebration. β€œ May God continue to bless you with good health and happy days.
    Much love and respect from Ralph and Ethel Hiscock

    Happy 100th Birthday Mrs. Pennell. We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your family.
    Love and best wishes Pearl Smith and Sharon & Roger Warren πŸŽ‚πŸ’

    Florrie, Happy 100th Birthday from my family to you. I hope you have a special day even tho your big celebration has to be post phoned due to the Covid-19 out break. I have lots of special memories of you and am honored to know you and wish you health and happiness always. Stay safe and well.
    Carol, and all the Parsons family

    Wishing you a happy & blessed birthday with your family.It certainly is a special one.It is too bad we can't get together at church but you certainly will be in all our thoughts & prayers this coming weekend.Enjoy your special day & happy Mother's Day as well!You are a very special lady.
    Love & best wishes, Florence and Dave Morrissey

    May the Lord bless you on your special day.  Best wishes!
    Lowell and Pamela (Lowell and Pam Bonnell)

    Florrie, we would like to wish you a Healthy Happy Birthday.Enjoy your day. I have known you almost all of my life and I couldn"t have known a nicer person .
    Love Myrtle & George (Myrtle and George Penney)

    100 Years! Wow! One hundred years of stories, memories, things seen....one hundred years of a life lived and continue to live to the fullest. You are a remarkable lady and deserve the best on your special day. Even though we are not able to gather together to celebrate your birthday, know that we can still celebrate YOU! Happy 100th Birthday Florrie! Hugs!
    (From Gloria & Gary Gosse)

    Hoping you have absolutely the best birthday with Linda and the boys. Sorry we can't all get together for the big birthday bash that you deserve … 100 years is a terrific milestone. Happy Birthday.
    Pam Morgan

    Happy 100th birthday, Florrie! We wish you an abundance of happiness and continued good health! What a joyful occasion! You are such an incredible person and we are so blessed to know you as a friend! Celebrate with joy and thanksgiving.
    From: Harvey & Pearl

    Wow, you've lived to be a century old. I hope you're having a lovely day celebrating.
    Best wishes, Andrea

    We drew lots of balloons for you to help you celebrate your special day. Happy 100th Birthday Mrs. Pennell. 
    Kaitlyn, Nicholas and Megan Bouzane

    Ray and I want to wish you a wonderful and happy birthday. You are a lovely person to know because you have a nice smile and pleasant personality.
    God Bless You
    Barbara and Ray (Hayward)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLORRIE, enjoy your day.
    From Phyllis White

    Over the years you have given so much to so many and all of it wrapped in smiles and love. I am so happy that we met and that I have had a chance to learn a little about you and your life. May God bless. And though we aren't able to get together with you to celebrate right now, everybody is thinking of you on your special day. I look forward to the time when I can see you in church again. Our whole congregation is looking forward to that, too. Happy 100th Birthday!
    Hugs (From Beulah Bouzane)

    Wow 100 years old...you have seen a lot of changes in this world..I'm so glad to have met you....you are truly an amazing woman...looking forward when we can get together. Wishing you a very happy birthday...may God bless you & your family....
    love Florence (Florence King)

    Happy 100th Birthday Florrie. How wonderful for you and your family. You are a very special lady and loved by everyone. What an accomplishment, to reach this awesome milestone. We wish you many blessings and look forward to seeing you in church for a big hug when this passes. God Bless you, and your family, we know how proud they are of you and you of them...πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ¦‹πŸ’•
    Elizabeth and Nelson (Bailey)

    Dear Florrie, Wishing you a very happy birthday. What a milestone you gave reached, and you didn't even eat your veggies.ha ha. Must be all that lovely, fresh air out in Ochre Pit Cove. I remember fondly your visits with mom. She enjoyed your company so much and yes, those 3:00 afternoon phone chats. I can just imagine you two on the phone these days, discussing all the terrible things going on in the world. You might even wonder if together you might come up with a cure.ha
    You were a wonderful friend to mom and also to all of our family. You deserve to have reached this wonderful milestone and we know you will enjoy your day with Linda and the boys and yes with a " few" phone calls. You have a wonderful place in our hearts and we love you. Keeping you in our prayers, today and every day.
    Love, Keith and Joan (Keith and Joan Welsh)

    We send you best wishes Florrie on your 100th birthday!
    May you have enough
    happiness to keep you sweet, enough trials to keep you strong,enough failures to keep you human,enough faith to banish depression, enough wealth to meet your needs, enough determination to make each day better than yesterday.
    Stay healthy!!! All the very best!
    Daphne and Ed Blandford

    Happy 100th Birthday Florrie.
    So happy to be able to celebrate this wonderful milestone with you. While we are not able to be together in person we are celebrating with you virtually. You are and continue to be a wonderful part of our church family. Looking forward to the time when we are able to celebrate in person.
    With love and best wishes, Rev. Ian and Rev Faith and family

    Wishing Florrie a wonderful Happy 100th Birthday! What a wonderful milestone. Have a wonderful day!
    Charlie, Melvina, and Leanne Moores

    We wish you a very, very HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY. Congratulations and best wishes. Stay healthy and stay" SAFE"
    Kirk & Karen Howell

    Happy Birthday Florrie - hope your day was as amazing as you are. God Bless and keep safe
    Florence Gillard

    Happy Birthday Florrie !!!! You look Wonderful ! I am from Conception Bay South NL. So glad to wish you the best. Have a Wonderful Day !!!! HUGS to you !!!
    From: Brenda Chaytor

    Happy Birthday aunt Florrie! I wish I could celebrate with you. I am hoping to go to Newfoundland in the fall/winter when COVID is safer. I have many fond memories as a young girl of going to visit you when we were in Ochre Pit in the summer and getting cookies and treats. I would love to have cake with you today for your birthday. I missed seeing you on my last visit home but for the next one I’ll bring you a treat. I love you take care and have a wonderful day, say hi to Linda, Blair and Scott. Love the Fogelman’s Karen, Bryan, Bryden, Sierra and Tenaya xoxo
    Karen (Pennell) Fogelman

    Happy Birthday Florrie. Hope you had an amazing day.
    Connie and Bob Peddle

    From: Mayor Dave Aker
    City of Mount Pearl

    On behalf of the residents and City Council of Mount Pearl I want to extend best wishes to Florrie Pennel on her 100th Birthday. Today we proudly celebrate a century with Florrie, her family, her congregation and community.

    All the very best on this stupendous occasion. Happy Birthday Florrie.


    Messages from Facebook Pages

    Please visit our Facebook Page to see more of the messages and comments.  Because of the many likes, loves, comments and shares, it became impossible to capture everything.  However, the following is a sampling of the messages.

    From Marg Tucker Payne Happy Birthday

    From Jeanette Reynolds Would you please let our friend Florrie know we are thinking about her on this very special Birthday. She was always so sweet

    From Elizabeth M Baker 🌹🌹Happy 100th Birthday Mrs. Pennell🌹🌹. Bless your heart.❀️

    From Sandra Bonnell Happy 100th Birthday Mrs Pennell..

    From Hazel Goodyear Happy Birthday Mrs Pennell

    From Nina Abbott Happy birthday! hugs

    From Joyce Humphries Kean Happy 100 Birthday Mrs Pennell. Have a good day stay safe πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŒΉlooking good

    From Donna Rogers Lake Happy BirthdayπŸŽ‚

    From Joan Winsor Happy 100th Birthday Florrie! Have a great day reading all the birthday wishes and stay safeπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

    from Yetta Saunders Happy 100th birthday to your friend, Gloria!

    From Cynthia Downey Happy 100th Birthday - Have a great dayπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚

    From Elaine Aylward Happy Birthday!πŸ™

    From Grace Renee Allen Happy Birthday Florrie. Hope you have a wonderful day πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ’•

    From Linda Whalen Happy 100th Birthday πŸŽ‚ 🎈 🌹

    From Pat Duffett Abbott Happy birthday. Wishing you a most wonderful day πŸŽ‚

    from Elizabeth Collins Happy Birthday, Mrs.Pennell. Hope you have a Wonderful Day!

    From Ruth Anthony Wow! 100 years, oh the changes she has seen. Happy Birthday Mrs. Pennell, enjoy your special day! πŸŽ‚

    From Pat Stone Happy Birthday FlorrieπŸŽ‚πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰πŸŒΉ

    From Marilyn Noseworthy Bruce Happy Birthday FlorrieπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ

    From Marilyn Lythgoe Happy 100 years Mrs. Pennell, lovely pictures to celebrate lovely you.

    Ruby Slade Happy 100 th Birthday Florrie. You will always be Nanny Pennel to me.You are an amazing woman and we all love you.

    From Jean Fry Happy 100th Birthday Florrie, When this is all over we will celebrate together

    From Faith March-MacCuish Happy 100th Birthday Florrie!!! Hope you have a great day! Sending lots of love!

    From Gordon Morgan Happy 100th Birthday, Florrie. May Health and Happiness continue to walk hand in hand with you, as you continue your journey in this life.
    God Bless. Midge & Gordon Morgan

    From Mildred Feltham Vairinhos Happy 100th birthday, Mrs. Pennell. Saw your lovely pic on the news last night. Hope you have a wonderful dayπŸ›πŸ’πŸŽΆπŸŽ‚

    From Nelson Bailey Happy 100th Birthday, Florrie! Sending lots of love and hugs your way. Have a wonderful day! God Bless!

    From Marge Gaulton Happy 100th Birthday Florrie!! You are an exceptional person. Hope you have lots of desserts today. Hugs.

    From JM McGuire Happy 100th birthday, Mrs. Pennell! May you have many more with good health and happiness!

    From Audrey Brown Happy 100th. BIITHDAY Florrie hope you have a wonderful day .πŸ’–πŸ’–

    From Gillian Russell Happy 100th Birthday Mrs Pennell! How you have an amazing day and year ahead!!

    From Ethel Hiscock Happy 100th Birthday to a beautiful lady .Have a great day πŸ’•

    From Peggy Goodyear Happy birthday Mrs pennell hope you have an awesome day

    From Arlene Button Riche Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚

    From Carl Burt Happy 100th birthday Mrs Pennell. Enjoy your day! πŸŽ‚

    From Mae Hodder Littlejohn Happy birthday Mrs. Pennell!

    From Judy Emberley Happy birthday , enjoy your special day πŸŽ‚

    From Eric N Millie Badcock Happy 100th. Birthday Florrie !!! ENJOY YOUR SPECIAL DAY !!!

    From Wanda Randell Tiller Happy birthday Florrie, enjoy your special day πŸŽ‚

    From Genevieve Dale Happy 100th Birthday enjoy your day

    From Scott Worsfold Happy birthday Florrie!!!

    From Gail Scott Sending Birthday wishes from Ontario. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    From Calvin Smith Happy 100

    From Janice Andrews-Ralph Happy BirthdayπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽΆ

    From Janice Hoyles Saunders Happy 100th Birthday Florrie!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸ’žπŸ₯³

    From Tony Tuck Happy Birthday Florrie πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    From Phyllis March Happy Birthday Mrs Pennell ,enjoy your special day ,from a Wendell and Phyllis.

    From Juanita Andrews Happy Birthday.

    From Sylvia Humphries-Sturge Happy Birthday

    From Marlene Abbott Happy 100th Birthday Florrie. Hope you'll have a wonderful day. πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ

    From Barbara Hutchings Gibbons Happy 100th birthday Florrie...... hope you have a wonderful day.πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

    From Joyce Mullett Happy 100Thinking of you

    From Donna Lawrence Happy Birthday, Florrie!

    From Charlie Moores A very Happy 100th Birthday Florrie. Have a wonderful day!

    From Brenda Andrews Happy Birthday, Florrie! What a milestone! Celebrate with the family and enjoy your day!πŸ’•

    From Kathleen Hurley Happy Birthday and God Bless you πŸ™πŸŽ‚

    From Alice Moores Happy Birthday Florrie, many blessings for a joy filled day!

    From Deb Hinksman Blessings on this great birthday Florrie from the congregation of Ladysmith United Church in B.C. πŸŽ‰

    From Terry Saunders Happy birthday

    From Alma Chislett Happy birthday to her ...

    From Ed Penney Happy Birthday to Florrie. I remember this family from Ochre Pit Cove.

    Such a special woman and we all love her dearly!

    The following is a reprint of January's Feature Article about Florrie

    A Dedicated and Beautiful Woman

    Such a strong and determined woman and always with a smile ... well almost always except when she puts the 'boss' face on and gives you the look! And if you ask her, she'll say, "Oh yes! I'm the boss."

    To know Florrie ...

    Well, here's what her family and friends have to say about her:

    • a gentle soul who radiates beauty
    • faithful
    • dedicated to her church
    • intelligent and wise
    • a dry sense of humour
    • family oriented
    • loving and caring

    To many in Mount Pearl she is known as Nannie Pennell.  Florrie is such a marvellous woman and is loved by children and adults alike. There's something about her that makes you smile.  Always in a dress and looking sharp, she is determined to keep going.

    In earlier years Florrie and one of her friends would chat daily. The phone call would happen at 3 pm. When asked what in the world they could find to talk about every day, she said "Oh, all the problems going on in the world and how we'd fix them". It was as simple as that - nothing frivolous and certainly no gossip (she doesn't like gossip), just fixing the problems of the world.

    Florrie's 99th Birthday


    Florrie May (White) Pennell, daughter of Delphine and Herbert White, was born in Ochre Pit Cove May 9, 1920. The eldest in a family of six, she grew up in the Cove and lived there all of her younger years (until she was 44).  She remembers the fun and sense of community living in a small settlement. In those days while you went to school in the Cove, you had to go to Western Bay to write the public exams. Florrie remembers writing those exams and graduating with her Grade 11 diploma.

    On November 11, 1944, she married the only man in her life, Harold Pennell. The whole community came to the wedding. Harold was a carpenter and in 1964, he and Florrie moved to St. John's.  They decided it was best to keep their home in the Cove and rent as they moved around to find work. Their first residence and jobs were at Government House, a time she remembers fondly.

    "I remember the first year I worked side by side with the men. I did whatever jobs needed to be done."

    They had a couple of other work related moves within St. John's in those first years. Then in 1979 Harold suffered from a heart attack and after heart surgery in 1980, they decided to move back to their home in Ochre Pit Cove during the summer months. During the winter (October to April) they lived with their daughter, Linda, and her family. Sadly, Harold died in November 1985.

    There is something about Florrie that makes you love her immediately. At 99 years of age she treats everyday as a blessing and with a purpose.  Linda and her grandsons would love to just pamper her and take care of her every need, but she is determined to be part of everything that goes on. There's the housework - ironing, washing dishes, making beds and sweeping the floors. Then there's her knitting, quilting and sewing. In addition to making things for her family, she contributes to the work of the United Church Women knitting strips for afghans. For Daffodil Place she makes exercise bags for breast cancer patients (after a mastectomy, each woman is given a bag containing an exercise ball and other items that will help in post surgery recovery).

    Until the last month or so, you'd find Florrie in church on Sunday mornings and she never missed a UCW meeting and all the special events.

    "When I was growing up our house was right next door to the church. I was only a teenager when my sister-in-law Ida, who was more like a sister to me, convinced me to go to a UCW meeting one evening. I've been going ever since. We didn't have a church hall or special building for meetings back then. The women in the community would take turns holding meetings in each other's homes.

    Living with Linda is good but there's nothing better than living in my own home. While I've been gone for a long time, Ochre Pit Cove is still home to me. I may forget things every now and then, but let me walk into the old house and I remember everything as it used to be."

    Florrie also loves to read, particularly books about Newfoundland. Her favourite author was always Earl Pilgrim. She's read everything he ever published.


    Florrie and Harold had two children, Linda (Manuel) and Maxwell Wayne.  She lives with Linda and her two grandsons, Blair and Scott, in Mount Pearl. They love having her close to them and she adores them. Wayne and his wife, Joan, live in Nova Scotia.  Her granddaughter, Jennifer, and great grand daughters, Daizy and Markazia, also live in Nova Scotia.

    Linda says "Dad had a great sense of humour and was always playing tricks on people. He was gentle and fun loving. He didn’t need β€˜looking after’. He was a good cook. I was his helper. He wasn’t very strict. Mom was the strict one and once she made a decision he would never go against her wishes."

    Wayne remembers his Mom being a little strict but he was "her boy".  He says, "Our home had its share of laughter. Having joined the military at an early age, I've been away for quite some time but we try to get together as a family every year."


    ~ End~

    Β© First United Church Mount Pearl
    Initially Published January 6, 2020



    One comment on “Happy 100th Birthday Florrie
    1. Keith and Joan Welsh says:

      Dear Florrie, Wishing you a very happy birthday. What a milestone you gave reached,and you didn’t even eat your veggies.ha ha.Must be all that lovely,fresh air out in Ochre Pit Cove. I remember fondly your visits with mom. She enjoyed your company so much and yes,those 3:00 afternoon phone chats. I can just imagine you two on the phone these days ,discussing all the terrible things going on in the world. You might even wonder if together you might come up with a cure.ha
      You were a wonderful friend to mom and also to all of our family. You deserve to have reached this wonderful milestone and we know you will enjoy your day with Linda and the boys and yes with a ” few” phone calls . You have a wonderful place in our hearts and we love you. Keeping you in our prayers, today and every day.
      Love, Keith and Joan