AnniversaryThe Seed was Sown

The seed for First United Church Mount Pearl Pastoral Charge was sown in 1953 when a dedicated group of United Church people met in an automobile to discuss the formation of a congregation at Mount Pearl Park/Glendale. From that meeting, a congregation was formed. Not too long after that meeting, the congregation started worship services at Park Avenue School. In 1954, a parcel of land was purchased on Churchill Avenue.

No Longer a Garage

In 1956, the congregation moved to a small building that had been erected as a garage and formerly owned and occupied by the Anglican Congregation of Mount Pearl. The first meeting of the congregation was held on March 23, 1956 and the report of the acting Building Committee was presented.

WOW! Sunday School Attendance – 133

In April of 1957, the church reported that it had 43 families and 133 children attending Sunday School. With the growth of the town and the influx of United Church families, the new congregation found it necessary to proceed with the erection of a building. The congregation then sought, and obtained permission from the St. John’s Presbytery to erect a new church building. The building of the church was completed in two phases; firstly, the completion of the church basement and secondly the completion of the church sanctuary.

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1958 – 1965 Dedicated to the Glory of God

The first phase of the project was completed and dedicated to the glory of God on November 23, 1958. Sunday worship, Sunday School, and other Christian education activities took place in this facility. The rapid growth of the town and the congregation necessitated the completion of the second phase of the project. The church sanctuary was completed and dedicated on October 22, 1961.

In 1965, First United church was officially constituted by presbytery as an independent Pastoral Charge.

To School and Back Again

The last payment on the mortgage of the church was made in 1979. However, the congregation found that the church building was no longer adequate for its needs. The building was extended and renovated to accommodate more worshippers and to facilitate other activities. While the renovations were going on, the congregation worshipped at Mount Pearl Central High School. On February 22, 1981, the newly renovated First United Church was rededicated.

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Trinity United Church Begins

In 1988, Mount Pearl was granted city status. The city also saw the formation of Trinity United Church, under the sponsorship of First United Pastoral Charge. In September of that year, Trinity held their first service in the staff room of Mount Pearl Junior High with fifty people in attendance. In 1991, Trinity’s attendance averaged seventy-five, with fifty families contributing through envelope givings.

On Christmas Eve 1990, First United Church burned the mortgage on the church extension. At the Annual Congregational Meeting in February 1991, it was decided to retain the present structure and continue to upgrade and to support the Congregation of Trinity United.

While Trinity was out growing the staff room, plans were made to move to Mount Pearl Senior High. Trinity worshipped in the school until 2003, when they entered into a lease arrangement with Church of the Good Sheppard on Ruby Line. Church services were held at 9:30 am for the first three Sunday’s and the fourth Sunday was an 11:00 am service with fellowship after. During 2010, Trinity and First were meeting to form a lease agreement so that both churches could use one building. On August 1, 2010 Trinity United held their first service at First United.

2012 – The Amalgamation

With the declining attendance and the leaving of the minister, Trinity’s congregation decided to amalgamate with First United, the congregation that they branched out from. With the approval of East District, the two churches became one with the amalgamation service on November 18, 2012.

The Church Hall Gets Its Name

The church hall, located in the basement of First United at 221 Park Avenue, is the home of the Sunday School and the gathering place for most of our special activities, our suppers and our meetings. Until 2012 it remained nameless and simply referred to as the church hall. With the amalgamation of the two churches the hall finally got its name …

Trinity Hall


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Fast Forward to Today

Our Church continues to grow. Our membership is now 1,080 and we’ve just finished an expansion to our building.

We’re proactive in outreach and social action and have programs for all ages from infants to seniors – Sunday School, Youth Group, Men’s Service Club, United Church Women, Book Club and much more.

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