Newsletter October 4, 2020

Newsletter October 4, 2020

Welcome to First United Church Mount Pearl

Worship Service

Sunday, October 4, 2020

NoticeFirst United Church
Worship in the Sanctuary

It is wonderful that we are able to, once again, gather for worship in our Sanctuary. 
Due to the Covid virus there is limited seating available

Reserve Your Seat



Capacity restricted to 58 maximum in total based on our space available

All Congregants MUST Register

To register please call the church office between 10am and 1pm
Tuesday, Thursday or Friday each week

Please do NOT leave a voicemail to reserve your place

Click HERE for a detailed list of current COVID-19 protocols

Update from Rev. Ian

October 4, 2020

Today is the first day we've been able to worship together in our Sanctuary since the COVID-19 lock down in March.  The service will be recorded and will be available for viewing on our website and on our YouTube channel as soon as possible following the morning worship. We expect this to take several hours so tune in later in the evening to worship with us online.

Rev. IanWe are still planning to live stream the services but right now we are not in a place to do so. We apologize to all who have been taken part in worship through the internet and we pray you continue to tune in when the recorded service is streamed.

We are following strict COVID-19 Protocols when we gather to worship which means there is limited seating and all congregants must preregister to reserve their seat.  To register, please call Christina at the church office on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday of each week between 10 am and 1 pm.  Other protocol details are available on our website.

Please make this announcement as widely known as possible.

Rev. Ian March-MacCuish
First United Church


Giving - celebrations and memorials It is with gratitude and thanksgiving we acknowledge the following Gifts and dedicate them to the Glory of God:


  • In memory of Wilfred Howell from First United Church Men’s Club.
  • We acknowledge these donations in memory of Harvey Hodder:

    Paul and Marnie Hillyard
    Ford and Eileen Rideout
    First United UCW
    First United Men’s Club
    Harold and Heather Sinyard
    Ray and Ada Hopkins
    Cyril and Roberta Ivany
    Nelson and Glenys Harris
    Keith and Rose Whiteway
    Calvin and Barbara Gibbons
    Lewis and Mary Noseworthy
    Catherine Ivany
    Wayne and Madeline Rideout
    Ethel Hodder
    Nelson and Elizabeth Bailey
    Dr. Donald and Joan Hodder
    Anne Saunders and family
    Charles and Melvina Moores
    Ross and Shirley Steele
    Carol Cleal
    Art and Betty Garland
    Keith and Joan Welsh

CAN you believe it!  Summer is over.

Were you able to save any extra coins for the CAN Project?  There's still time!

"Together We Can Make a Difference."

Together We CAN is an annual partnership project for SNAC and the Board of Management.  Normally we use recycled pop cans to serve as piggy banks but because of covid19 we ask you select any container at your fingertips.  Over the summer and as you are able, please save your loose change or slip a bill or two into your container and bring it to the church in the Fall.  Be sure your envelope number is somewhere on the container. The funds raised are used (70:30) toward the activities of our youth group and for general operations of our church.

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Laughing Face The message on a church billboard read:
Wash Your Hands


Want to be part of our amazing Youth Group, SNAC?  Click HERE to read find out how!

broadview_magazinesBroadview Renewal and New Subscriptions

A year has passed since The United Church Observer unveiled its total makeover as Broadview magazine (formerly The United Church Observer). Now it is time for you to renew your subscription.  This magazine connects us to congregations across the country and informs us of United Church news, locally, nationally and around the world.  We encourage everyone to read Broadview by subscribing to the print edition and visiting Broadview online ( You won’t be disappointed. 

To renew or to take out a subscription through First United, please put $25 in an envelope marked “Broadview”, include your name and address and drop it off at the church.  You can use the mail slot by the front door. Deadline to renew is October 4th. 

Bag to School

The Bag to School project for 2020 by Bridges to Hope is now underway

Normally, most of our school supplies are donated, but this year due to the pandemic and Health and Safety protocols, we decided it would be safer to purchase all our supplies.

While this is quite the financial endeavour, we are confident that with the help of our Corporate Sponsors and your generosity – we can achieve this goal.

Students will be given a top-quality school bag packed with all the top brand products and headphones to ensure they start the year off right – with the dignity of not being seen as a ‘poor’ student by their classmates.

Please offer your support and help us spread some relief and joy in our community — both to the students and their parents.

To donate click here or click the logo below

Bridges to Hope

Re-Entry Plan RevisedFirst United Church
COVID-19 Plan

Relaunching Guidelines: In Person Ministry

Executive Summary

REVISED September 8, 2020
First United Church Emergency Response Committee

Click HERE for downloadable document

Looking Forward in Faith

In Newfoundland and Labrador, our churches are permitted to resume operations with MANY restrictions at Alert Level 2, including “no more than 100 people, or 50 per cent capacity, whichever is less”.

Faith-based services pose a risk of COVID-19 transmission through:

  • Gatherings
  • Sharing of ceremonial objects
  • communion
  • singing.

Individuals over 60 and those with chronic conditions are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

Our community of faith is required to make a plan that fits with our needs, taking into consideration the activities undertaken and the demographic of our church community.

First United Church will be moving to re-entry to the Sanctuary for the congregation very slowly. The restrictions that are currently in place require a number of actions for us to take that will detract enormously from the church experience. For example:

  • Capacity restricted to 58 maximum in total based on our space available – who do we say no to?
  • All congregants will have to register by calling the church between 10am and 1pm on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday each week to reserve their place. Do not leave a voicemail to reserve your place.
  • Congregants wishing to use the assisted listening devices must bring their own headsets
  • Coat racks will not be available for use
  • Maintain physical distancing in the vestibule and in the sanctuary (pews will be closed off ensuring physical separation between all family units).
  • No gatherings before church; congregants will be seated by an usher upon arrival and registration
  • No gatherings following service. Congregants will be directed out of the building immediately on the conclusion of the service, by row, by an usher.
  • Ushers will seat congregants starting at the front of the sanctuary and dismiss congregants starting at the rear of the sanctuary
  • Singing will not be permitted
  • No choir
  • No passing of the peace or shaking hands
  • Congregants will be required to wear masks.
  • Bulletins will not be used
  • No hymn books or bibles in the pews
  • No Sunday School
  • Members of the Congregation in vulnerable categories (> 60 years old or with underlying medical conditions) are advised not to attend.
  • Continuously advise any congregants who are symptomatic or have been advised by public health 8-1-1 to report their symptoms, to self-isolate and stay at home (Fever above 38C, a new cough, or worsening cough, headache, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea, loss of sense of taste, loss of smell, and in children, purple markings on the fingers and toes)
  • Church sanctuary, vestibule and washrooms will be completely cleaned after each service
  • Persons who have arrived in the province less than 14 days prior must be self isolating and are not permitted to attend
  • Only church members will be permitted to attend. No visitors will be admitted

The current on-line service is well attended and appreciated and will continue.


  • Funerals will be held at the church under exceptional circumstances only.
  • Weddings will be held at the church with strict adherence to public health directives.
  • Infant baptisms will be held at the church with strict adherence to public health directives.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will need to be completed after every gathering.

Visitation and Pastoral Care:

  • Visitation and Pastoral care will be through phone or other virtual methods.
  • Hospital visits can be arranged with the hospital Chaplin.

Members of the congregation are encouraged to use the secure mail slot to the right of the main entrance to drop off their givings and/or prayer requests or to use online methods for donations or other contacts. Email, phone messages and the mail slot are checked regularly.

September 8, 2020

First United Church Emergency Response Committee

Click HERE for downloadable document

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