Our Ministry

Our Ministry Team consists of Rev. Ian March-MacCuish, Peter MacDonald, Music Director; Melissa Butt, Associate Music Director.  Together with the congregation they seek to celebrate God’s presence and be the body of Christ in this time and place.

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Reverand Ian 2015Rev. Ian March-MacCuish
Phone: 709-368-2194
Email:   firstunited@nf.aibn.com

Reverend Ian has been with us since July of 2005.  He grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, the son of a United Church Minister.  He received his undergraduate degree from McMaster University, majoring in Political Science.  Ian was always active in his home church involved with youth ministry and young adult ministry.  It was at a national church young adult event, “Kairos”, held in Vancouver that helped Ian make a decision to enter the ordered ministry.  He attended Emmanuel College where he received his Master’s of Divinity degree from the University of Toronto.  As part of his training Ian served the United Churches in Fort Frances and Hanover, both in Ontario.

He was ordained in 1989 by Hamilton Conference and was transferred to Newfoundland and Labrador Conference that same year.  His whole ministry has been within the bounds of Newfoundland and Labrador Conference.  He has served in various capacities of the wider church, including President of the Conference. Ian is married to Reverend Faith March-MacCuish. They have four children, Kyle, Dylan, Jody and Emily.  They have been living in Mount Pearl since 1993.

Reverend Ian’s Vision of Ministry

“Ministry has been an exceptionally exciting journey.  Meeting with such a wide variety of people all doing their best to answer the question, "How do I have a relationship with God?"  Much of what ministry is involves finding ways to respond to this quest.  And it is a quest, a journey.  Ministry becomes a way of living out that relationship. The task of ministry is to nurture and  evoke a consciousness and perception of God; to develop within people a faith that energizes, that is ready to move into exciting possibilities of God’s future.

As minister I believe it is my role to be real to those who I minister to, to share the love of Christ with those I meet. to see the face of Christ in all people, and hope that in some way others may see the face of Christ in me.”