Virtual Spring Tea

Thank you so much for coming to our Virtual Spring Tea

We had quite a turn out as you can see.
We even had room for teddy bears and bunny rabbits

If you weren't able to participate, no worries ..
Scroll down to find the email form and send us your picture.

at First United Church you are part of our FAMILY
and you are always welcome


Love this idea - will be sitting down to tea with my sister at that time next week 😊  Miss you all and hopefully we will be together soon. Stay safe,

Hello everyone, Missing the tea, with all your smiling faces and all the goodies. But not missing the dishes!

Coffee in 'da shed'!

Us having tea to support the UCW with our Finnegan trying to steel some cheese.
Kelly and Tony

Having coffee after we had double bubble.

In years gone past,
We have broken our fast,
Stopping for an afternoon Tea,
With Fine folks like yee
Celebrating and being excited,
To see our friends from First United.
Dave and Marilyn

What a great idea! Thank you to the UCW for making this possible.  It is wonderful to see the familiar and beautiful faces of my faith family, each in a safe place but yet together in heart and spirit. Next time it will be around our banquet tables in Trinity Hall. Until then stay safe and well.

Happy sipping everyone!

Thank God for tea time!

Enjoying the moment! Miss you all.

Hope you had a good tea party. Stay safe!

No picture, but enjoyed afternoon tea with Madge Seabright.  Made sure we stayed in our bubble. Enjoyed seeing all of you
Wayne and Madeline

Not the same as having tea with all of our church family, but it was lovely having a cup of tea with Nan, Pop and Aunt Elaine social distancing

Celebrating our tea with our double bubble. So nice to hug family once again. Thinking of our church family while having tea and anticipating when we can do it.
Heather and Harold

Need a recipe for cookies, tea biscuits or something tasty to go with your 'tea'. Check out the recipes in our collection.Recipe Collection

Virtual Tea Time

Get yourself dressed up in your Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' clothes or just haul on your Jeans and T-Shirt. The only REQUIREMENT is that you bring your SMILE.  Our Virtual Tea Time was on May 2 but we were all having such fun everyone wanted to stay.

Send a photo of you and/or your family having 'tea at home'. (Use Email Form on this page)  If you wish to leave a message, please include it in the Email form. We'll put your photo in our slideshow and your message in the allotted area.  In this way we'll be able to see each other and feel connected.

If you would like to make an online donation to the UCW, just click the button.

Can't wait to see you!

First United UCW


Send your photo using the following form.

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    Subject: Virtual Afternoon Tea

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    Tea Time Blessing

    Thank you God for this “Tea Time”, and for the gift of love You always bring my way. I go forth now, with You in my heart, as I let You fill and change my day with the warmth and radiance of Your grace. Amen


    More Details

    We realize that these are hard times for all but sharing in a cup of tea/coffee and sweets at the same time is a nice way of feeling connected. Take a picture of you and/or your family partaking in your “at home” afternoon tea, your plate of sweets, your cups of tea.

    Email pictures using the email form on this page OR
    send it to

    Pictures will be put in a slideshow on this web page (see below). Since we haven’t seen each other in so long, it will be so nice to see all of your beautiful faces!

    If you would like to make a monetary donation to the UCW Afternoon Tea place it in an envelope (marked UCW Afternoon Tea) along with your name/envelope # and drop it in the mailbox at church. OR click the Donate Now button to donate to our account with  Be sure to say it is for the UCW Virtual Tea.

    NOTE:  All donations will be going to help support our church.

    Virtual Spring Afternoon Tea

    So, mark you calendars, save the time!
    When you drink your tea, I will drink mine.
    And as for that plate of sweets you’ll be eating,
    Though distance may separate, in our minds we’ll be meeting.
    For it’s times like this when we are apart
    That we hold each other close to our heart.

    Now there’s no need to ask, “How can this be?”
    It’s about thinking of you as you think of me!
    Yes, afternoon tea will be different this year.
    But we know through our faith, we are really quite near.

    A cup of tea
    A prayer or two
    Special moments
    Shared with you

    UCW logoThank you from First United UCW
    Stay Safe!




    4 comments on “Virtual Spring Tea
    1. Janice Saunders says:

      Not the same as having tea with all of our church family, but it was lovely having a cup of tea with Nan, Pop and Aunt Elaine social distancing❤🥰

      • We are all feeling the same way, Janice … it would be so wonderful to be together at the church. But everybody is enjoying the photos as they come in – the growing slideshow and the collage

    2. Gloria Gosse says:

      I wish I was the one taking your “snap” as that would mean we were all together for afternoon tea. Seeing all of these pictures fills my heart with joy! Hugs to all!

    3. Glenys says:

      There was nothing fancy on our table, not like at the church table. Oh how the money rolls in…..I just emptied the church drop box….see how much more will be there tomorrow. Thanks to all….