Weekly News May 8, 2020

Weekly News May 8, 2020

Update from Rev. Ian

May 8, 2020

So many things to celebrate and first and foremost greetings to Florrie Pennell on the occasion of her 100th birthday on May 9th. Your party could not happen due to the pandemic but the thoughts and prayers of the whole community are with you and love you. Enjoy your day.

Another not of celebration is the slow but methodical opening up the economy. We still have a ways to go but we are on track. Please continue to share your donations using the mail slot at the church, PAR, postdated cheques, or website donation button.

Another note of celebration. Happy Mothers Day.

And another note of celebration. Happy Christian Family Sunday

Rev. Ian March-MacCuish
First United Church


ConfirmationConfirmation Class

It is time once again to begin confirmation class. This year the classes will be done on line using a platform like Zoom. The same topics will be covered, the same outcomes are expected. As in past years the class will be “group discussion” based. The average age for confirmation is 13 for the youth program and no age restriction for the adult program.

If you are going to talk to you child about confirmation, please share with them that it is discussion based and they need to be willing to be involved. Also attendance for the classes is mandatory. For those interested please email me revianmm@gmail.com. Any questions please email or call.

Please note, the date of confirmation is unknown at the present time due to the covid 19 virus. If we are back in the sanctuary in June it will be late June. Otherwise we will explore some kind of web service.

Mother's Day Memorials

Local Fund

  • Gone but not Forgotten – our mothers Virtue Lush and Carrie Ivany. With all our love. From Cyril and Roberta Ivany and family.
  • In loving memory of Emma Reid. From Heather, Kevin and Sarah Mawhinney.
  • In loving memory of our mothers, Mary Casey and Gertrude Thistle, two beautiful mothers who are not forgotten but carried in our hearts. From Sharon (Casey) Thistle and hubby John Thistle and family. Loved always!
  • In loving memory of mothers, Esther Thornhill and Berta Welsh. From Keith and Joan Welsh.
  • In loving memory of our moms, Susannah Pippy and Gladys Crummey. From Florence and David Morrissey.
  • In loving memory of our mom and nan, Mildred Coffin. Love always from Jim, Sylvia, Jamie and Stephen Osmond.
  • In loving memory of my angel mom! From Christina Manning.
  • In memory of a wonderful mother, Imelda Mildred Coffin. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day Mom, thinking of you always. Love your daughter Karen Ricketts.

Building Fund

  • In loving memory of our mothers, Mary W. Badcock and Alice Brown. From Eric and Mille Badcock.
  • In loving memory of Virginia Hillier, wife, mother and grandmother. From Wilfred Hillier, Karen and Scott Parsons and Olivia and Ian.
  • In loving memory of mothers, Julia Harris and Nita Gibbons. From Nelson and Glenys.
  • In loving memory of our mothers, Marion Rideout and Muriel Hoyles, our darling daughter Paula Baggs and sister Dorothy Edwards. From Claude and Viola Hoyles.
  • In loving memory of my dear mother, Marjorie Baker. Forever in our thoughts. Ella, Byron and family.
  • In precious loving memory of our moms, Dorothy Francis and Viola Bailey. From Elizabeth and Nelson Bailey. Also, in precious loving memory of my nans. From Scott Bailey. Forever loved and missed everyday!
  • In loving memory of my mother Florence Brookings and my mother-in-law Alice Adams. From Norma Adams.

Foster Children Fund

  • In loving memory of mothers, Effie Hutchings and Nita Gibbons. From Barbara and Calvin Gibbons.

Don't forget

Saturday, May 9th is Florrie's 100th Birthday! 
You still have time to send her a message. CLICK HERE

Mother's Day Chuckle

Source:  myenglishpages.com

The Chicken Was Delicious

Three rich brothers each wanted to do something special for their elderly mother on Mother’s Day.  The first brother bought her a big house.  The second brother bought her a limousine, driver included.  The third brother remembered that his mother used to love to read the Bible, but couldn’t see well anymore, so he got her a specially trained parrot that could recite, on demLaughing Faceand, any verse from the Bible.

Soon, the brothers received thank-you notes from their mother.  The first son’s note said, “The house you bought me is much too big!  I only live in a small part of it, but I have to clean the whole thing!”  The second son got a note that said, “I rarely leave the house anymore, so I hardly use the limo you gave me.”  The third son’s note said, “My darling boy, you know just what your mother loves!  The chicken was delicious!”

Submitted by:  Christina Manning

For most of us FOOD has played a huge role in helping us survive in our bubbles during covid-19.  Did you discover any new recipes you would like to share? If so, send them along and we'll add them to our Recipe Collection (located under Life and Work in the Main Menu. Click HERE to email a recipe

A Special Thank You

Our Virtual Spring Tea was wonderful! And, it was such a success because of YOU. So many people participated and though it was not the same or as good as actually being together in the Trinity Hall, it was fantastic seeing photos of each other as we had 'tea' at home. Thank you for being part of our day together apart. It was fun watching as people showed up in the slideshow.

Click HERE to see the slideshow and our poster collage.


The Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre is now resuming a Friday Meal Program as a takeaway Brunch. This will feature a Hot Breakfast Sandwich plus other associated foods and condiments. Servings will start on Fridays at 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM.

The Monday Breakfast Program will also include a Hot Breakfast Sandwich as a takeaway every Monday. Servings will start on Mondays at 8:30 AM - to 10:00 AM.’

George Street United Church/
Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre
25 Buchanan Street

Weekly News

First United publishes an online weekly newsletter (Weekly News) on this website. It shows under News and Things in the main menu with the latest edition also feeding to several pages throughout the site.  Since the covid-19 pandemic started we have also been issuing updates from Rev. Ian, scripture and prayers, links to our Online Worship and other relevant information and news. These updates have been (and will continue) on an adhoc and as needed basis in between the Weekly News editions.  Please note that at the very bottom of each publication, there is a place to leave comments and/or Follow us.  If you select Follow, the newsletters automatically feed to your email address each time a new publication is issued.

First United also issues Constant Contact emails and provides information on our Facebook Page. If you haven't signed up either of those, we encourage you to do so as it is another convenient and timely way of keeping abreast of what is going on.

How to Contact Us

If you are going through a pastoral emergency, we ask that you call or email the church office. The voice mail is checked daily as are the emails.
You can also contact us through this website (see Email form on this page)  (please note: website emails are monitored periodically throughout each day)

Contact Information:
Church: 709-368-2194
Email: firstunited@nf.aibn.com
Website email (use form on this page)
Emergencies: 709-727-7803


Do you wish to make a donation in memory or in recognition of someone?  If so, you can place it in the mail slot at the church or the online donation button making sure to indicate it is a “memorial.” The memorials will be listed on the website under the “life and work” tab/menu item. If you do not want it placed on the website, please indicate.online giving



Pastoral Visitation Through Phone Calls

While the way pastoral visitation has changed, Rev. Ian continues to reach out through phone calls.  You, too, can help.  Please continue to be a neighbour.  We have a number of individuals who live alone, individuals and couples who may feel isolated and reaching out with a phone call can make a huge difference.

Use this form to send us an email

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For more information about COVID.19, click on the dedicated pages below

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