Sunday Worship Service January 17, 2021

Starting at 11 am (Streamed LIVE)

Rev. Ian

A message from Rev. Ian

We now have the equipment to live stream worship services.  The services will be on our YouTube channel.  To find them go to your search bar and type in “First United Church Mount Pearl Youtube” or just click the link below. The first choice to come up should be our service.  To make it easier to find you can subscribe to the channel and in the future from the YouTube site, you will find our service listed in your subscription menu.

Our Services will also be accessible directly on our website. You won't have to search any further than the Home Page - you'll find the link right at the top of the Page.  It can also be found on the Worship Page and in our online weekly newsletter, First News.

The Board felt the new equipment was necessary as many of the congregation are enjoying the online worship and would appreciate a regular time when the service is available.  The equipment that we are using to live stream cost about $3200.00.  Please consider making an extra donation to help pay that extra cost. 

Rev. Ian March-MacCuish
First United Church

YouTube Channel

NoticeFirst United Church
Worship in the Sanctuary

It is wonderful that we are able to, once again, gather for worship in our Sanctuary. 
Due to the Covid virus there is limited seating available

Reserve Your Seat



Capacity restricted to 58 maximum in total based on our space available

All Congregants MUST Register

To register please call the church office between 10am and 1pm
Tuesday, Thursday or Friday each week

Please do NOT leave a voicemail to reserve your place

Click HERE for a detailed list of current COVID-19 protocols

COVID-19 Relaunching Guidelines

Seasons of Our Faith

As Christians we move through the church calendar each year, giving us an organized way to celebrate, reflect on and respond to the life and teachings of Jesus.

Creation Time

The seasons take us through the birth, life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus, being baptized by the Holy Spirit, then emerging into a long season of renewal and discipleship.

So, what are you doing Sunday morning?

Feel like singing? Want to celebrate God's word?

Why not come on in and Worship with us online.